Friday, April 6, 2012

Milka Lil' Scoops

Now that it is getting closer to Easter Sunday, I think it is time to do an Easter candy review! I love when Easter comes around because of the variety of candy offerings that are available! Cost Plus World Market has the best selection of European Easter candies that I just go berserk when I peruse their candy aisles!

Today, We are reviewing Milka Lil' Scoops. Milka was originally an Austrian brand, but is now housed under the Kraft corporate umbrella. Let me tell you, this product is to die for!!!

Look how great this packaging is! It looks just like a real egg carton! :-)

The quality of the chocolate and the creamy center is absolutely divine! If you want to watch my video review, head over to my Adorable Mayhem channel on Youtube!
 Happy Easter to everyone and enjoy lots of candy this weekend!

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